Why is there a recommended 10 word limit on certain products?

We're going by our design instincts and experience - more than 10 words on certain sizes will make the piece look too cramped. The words need to breathe! (Ok, too far). Whilst this might not always be the case, we encourage you to message us before making any orders so we can create this piece together and make it the most beautiful thing ever!

Do you do other colours?

Colour clouds are spontaneous and new colour releases will be made available as the seasons go. If there is a particular colour you've dreamt of ie, "I want a colour cloud in the colour of fall leaves just before they get crinkly" we will do our best to create it for you but sometimes it isn't possible. Chat to us!

Do you do a combination of colours?

Look, we can and will entertain most ideas - even the wildest ones! What we will also tell you, though, is if the colours you want combined don't work chemically (we sometimes use different paint mediums - watercolour, water-based colours, ink etc and they're not always friendly) or if our design instincts say it's a strange idea. Sometimes strange is a good thing and we love to explore that with you too. 

Is it cheaper if I buy in bulk?

Depends on what 'bulk' looks like! But yes. We're reasonable people and we'd love to offer you a good deal without skimping on quality, effort or time. Let's talk!

Do you do digital commissions?

We may further down the track but for now we're just about as good as any brick and mortar store selling physical goods. So no. Unfortunately we do not (yet). But chat to us anyway (so yes?) #confused

Can you help me source a frame or accessories to go with the art piece? Why don't you sell any?

We can help point you to specific products and suppliers whom we trust and love. For now we do not sell any through our store but watch this space! 

Melbourne residents - the delivery option of 'pick up' within the CBD of Melbourne may change this. Sneaky! Chat to us if you're a Melbournian in need of an artwork ready to hang/display/gift - frame and all. And if it's because you're too busy sussing out the best coffee our conversation better end with you telling us where to find that best coffee!

TLDR: If you want something you can't find on the website, send us a message.