The space between us

Hey friend,

Thank you so much for stepping into this space. Where cables, whole companies and app developers have made a way for these words to travel. Thank you for checking in.

Can I get you a cup of tea? Coffee? I hope you don’t mind the Marseille Gardenia candle I lit about 30 minutes before you came in. The scent is wonderful to me, a nod to a Spring time to come. Spring is coming. Depending on where you are in the world, perhaps Spring has sprung. Flowers do not wait for the laughter of children to fill the streets as leaves in Melbourne will not cling to trees – even though the ‘Closed’ sign may not turn over in shops for many moons ahead.

I don’t suppose you remember how many seconds it took before you stepped out from your imagination into the real world this morning. Three, two, one. Three seconds to stir from slumber, two to hit the alarm and one to realise the world is not the same, again. Loss lurches in your gut. Grief grips your heart. Inhale. Please God, how many more days? How many more lives? How many more job losses? How many more confrontations of our fear, selfishness and pride?

Exhale. One, two, three.

Three seconds to let His reply sink in.

No cables. No internet. No distance between the Father, Son and Spirit. The space between us is Christ.

Now, how was your day? Can I get you a refill?