Church: We’re a mixed bag

When I was young, I used to love sorting things. Buttons, lego pieces, stamps, you name it. My lucky day came when mum gave me a gigantic bag of buttons of all different shapes and […]

When the Hamilton soundtrack comes alive

Soundtracks of musicals are like, half the musical. Some argue still for a higher percentage. For a time before Covid-19 and before Hamilton: An American Musical was announced to open in Sydney, Australia, the Hamilton […]

Unstoppable Grace.

In the middle of my sixth Zoom call of the day, my mother walks into my room with a tray of food and mug of fresh lemon and honey. My desk is a royal mess; […]

The space between us

Hey friend, Thank you so much for stepping into this space. Where cables, whole companies and app developers have made a way for these words to travel. Thank you for checking in. Can I get […]

Surprising joys in uncertain times

My family and I migrated to Melbourne many many years ago, leaving a large community of uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, coworkers, church community and friends in Hong Kong. Building and sustaining connection has involved many […]

Dear diary

Scribbled in blue texta, right after ringing in the new year by myself with hot tea. “12:05am : 1st January 2020Consider it pure joy to know Jesus and be still. 2020 is His :)” And […]

He came down.

He knows that which he created, Every impression on our hearts, he knows The lift of lightness as we meet new life A first cry, a first bloom, a first prayer The welling of wonder […]

Struggling with anxiety.

I’ve had to learn a lot about anxiety this year. I’ve learnt that it affects more people than we realise*. I’ve observed that it affects individuals differently. I’ve heard stories of many courageous men and […]


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